Okay, it’s really borked

Per our previous post about our site being somewhat borked, it seems our site is… well, seriously borked.

Which means get get to make an all-new one! From Scratch! 

(Just imagine our enthusiasm thinking about that project.)

Anyway, in the meantime, you can read this post we made on Medium. It’s basically a pep-talk. (And so is it’s title.)

As for our personal going-ons, we’ll have something to report on that shortly. (That Medium post reveals a bit of what’s been happening.)

Meanwhile, we’re actually firming up plans for… stuff. Good stuff.

Then again, if you want to make the Universe laugh – tell it your plans.

So, for right now, our lips are zipped.

But hey, we’re still alive!

And hey, we actually made two posts in less than two months! 

We’ll call it Progress.

Now we just need a copy of WordPress For Dummies.

And time to read it.

And then time to do something about this !@#$! site.


k&w 😉