Social Isn’t Just Another Word

In our last monster blog post, we explained what we’re doing with our music – and our desire to forge connections with you & Keep It Personal.

Most importantly, we explained why we’re doing it.

A wonderful person read our last post & paid us the ultimate compliment: she called it “radically human.”

That’s Us in a nutshell.

And now we want to take that further.

We want to start a conversation with You.

You see, we don’t believe that “social” is just another way to sell your wares or toot your own horn.

For us, being “social” isn’t supposed to be about “marketing.”

We think “social” is supposed to be about People.

About being Human.

And about sharing conversations, information, joy, sorrow, outrage – and a desire to make things better. In the character-limited posts we all create, we seek to reach out to each other – to open a door, a window, a line of communication – and find a like-mind; someone who will read our posted thoughts, and perhaps respond in kind.

For that reason, we (acl) want to use “social” to take this idea further.

So, on Monday, in our social feeds, you won’t see us doing open posts about our album – instead, we want to start conversations. One-On-One.

This is going to take us a while to accomplish, but starting tomorrow, we’ll send you a series of three or four messages – they will be highly individual in nature (hey, we pay attention to what you post)… and they won’t be spam.


Here’s all we seek to accomplish in these messages:

1) To formally say Hello for the first time (this may seem silly, but hey – we were taught to be polite) and to tell you we appreciate you – because we wouldn’t be following you if we didn’t appreciate who you are, what you do and what you contribute to this world.

2) We’ll probably point you to our album as a way of introducing ourselves – because this particular album represents who we are, what we do & what we believe. Our music is free – and will always be so – and if you like it, it’s yours.

And hey, if you like it, feel free to share it with others. If not, that’s cool. We’re not for everybody, and we know it.

3) Most importantly: To start the Conversation. And perhaps you might start or open up new conversations with others as well.

That’s the meaning of “social” to us – To Start Conversations. To bridge gaps & get us talking to each other, openly and freely, without bullshit.

To be truly human.

And we’re not looking for anything – no favors, no sales or shit, nothing like that.

And perhaps this all sounds corny and stupid – but in this jaded world we currently live in, maybe this type of corny-ass activity is what’s required if we really wish to re-humanize our cold-ass inhumane society.

Again, this will take us time – but we’re dead serious.


We follow you because we like you. We like what’s in your head. And we seek to champion anybody with the courage to create – because let’s face it: whether you make music, write, create art, whatever – even if you view it as just a job, creating is an intensely personal act of courage; it’s baring the core of your being, putting it on display and then shouting out into The Void in hopes that someone, somewhere might be listening.

We’re listening.

And we want to help.




We’re another cultural landslide. We make music.

And we’d like to make your acquaintance.

kirk & wendy

p.s. mzkitty sez hi



Where You Can Find “last days last days”

last days last days is out – and we are truly humbled by how it has been received.

And we are grateful to you. Gracias.

Now, rather than pepper news feeds with multiple posts featuring link after link, we decided to bundle them one place: right here. We’ll add to this as more links come online. (Streaming was supposed to come online last Wednesday. Well, It WasYeah. Riiiight. As of right now, Rdio is definitely live; no joy from Spotify & Medianet-distributed streams. Points go to Rdio.)

Remember – our music is ALWAYS Free.

Bandcamp or This is the site to find the best audio quality, since we uploaded here at 24bit/88.2Khz – and as such, we’d recommend downloading it at the highest quality you can handle. IT’S FREE.

Soundcloud This one is special, as it’s the only place on the Net where you can hear the album as if it were a CD – completely gapless, as we designed the album to be. And it’s downloadable, too.

Alonetone alonetone has been our home away from home since it started; it’s also a great place for musicians to post their music with no hassles and be a part of a community. For free music with no boundaries, it’s the place to be.

YouTube: Yes, YouTube. Heck, we even have our own channel there. (Oooo! Fancy!) With the assistance of MzKitty’s personal photographer AJ Galli (yes, she has a personal photographer – sheesh), we’ve posted simple videos of all 16 of last days last days‘ songs – so if you’d like to post one song in particular within your social feeds, you’ll find a video for it there.

And this link: should take you to a complete ordered playlist of the entire album. We have found, however, that Playlists don’t seem to translate to mobile platforms. Go Fuckin’ Figure.

Also, it you’d like to make a video of one of our songs, knock yourself out! All our music is CC-BY-3.0, so if you make something and we like it, we’ll tell everyone where to find it.

last.fm We think we’ve beaten all the bells & whistles, and you should be able to listen to the entire tracks here instead of the 30 second previews. We think. At least we did enable it, for what it’s worth. We’ll see. You should at least be able to download from here or get it on their “radio” app.

iTunes: Yes, we’re on iTunes – we’ve been there since 2008 – but you won’t find our music for sale, since we don’t sell our music. Instead, search for us under Podcasts – that way we can get it to you for free. (We love subverting commerce.) 🙂 Hell, you can even subscribe & get our stuff whenever we make it.

(Note: looking at their latest listing, iTunes has does something weird with the Podcast section, so things are all bolloxed up as far as track order. When we get a chance, we’ll figure out a way to fix this.)


Streaming is showing up late – but we are definitely live on Rdio (sounds amazingly clear & defined), we are clearly listed on Gracenote & Songza – but Spotify and MediaNet distrbution still have yet to show up. Figures.

Where you won’t find last days last days:

Google PlayAmazon, eMusic. Our music is Free. Not a product. So, not there.

Same goes for Pandora. (No way. More on that in another post.)

iHeartRadio. Clear Channel Radio and acl Do Not Mix. At least not in this lifetime, if we can help it.

We’re still debating about doing Sirius.

Finally, it is quite possible that due to the way digital aggregation works, you will see the album appear on certain sites with Money attached to it; this is an unfortunate artifact of the way aggregation works. DO NOT PAY MONEY FOR OUR MUSIC. We went with aggregation strictly to enable streaming. And we won’t be looking for royalties, either.

So, there you have it. It’s our fondest hope that something in our music will make you smile.

And thank you for listening!

More later…

k&w 😉

P.S. mzkitty sez hi